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is the online job marketplace for Canadian post-secondary students and recent graduates.

“Our mission is to help students reach their full potential and bridge them to meaningful work related to their field of study.”

Who we are

There is a problem. It is hard for students and recent grads to find jobs during school and after graduation. It is also tough for employers to find great early-career talent.

One of our founders, Charles, wanted to solve this problem, and so Univjobs was born. Univjobs' mission is to connect students and recent grads with meaningful opportunities.

Univjobs was co-founded by Charles and Khalil, after they noticed that they and many of their friends experienced difficulty looking for work during school and after graduation. Upon realizing the problem, they started building Univjobs inbetween classes.

The platform launched early of September 2017.

Meet the Team

Charles Javelona

CEO, Founder

Originally from the Philippines, Charles previously worked at Scotiabank Innovation Factory. In his role, he specialized in Fintech analysis and blockchain development. An aspiring entrepreneur, Charles has an impressive track record for innovation…

Learn more about Charles here.

Julio Sueiras

Infrastructure Developer

Quite simply, Julio loves automation and has helped numerous companies streamline their IT infrastructure. As an Infrastructure Developer, his passion is automating infrastructure, however, he consistently demonstrates his willingness to pitch in…

Learn more about Julio here.

Khalil Stemmler

CTO, Founder

Prior to becoming a founding member of the Univjobs team, Khalil worked in software development roles at IBM and Pinnaca. He then completed his schooling at both Brock University and Sheridan College while working on the Univjobs platform. As CTO…

Learn more about Khalil here.

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