1. Copy elements of the job description in your resume

The job description in any job posting contains vital information that you can use to your advantage. This is where the employer is telling you exactly who they are looking for. Many organizations even use resume scanners that are looking for words that match with the job posting.

The best part of the job description is that whoever wrote it did the work for you. All you need to do is see how you fit into that description. Pick the descriptive words or skills that resonate with you and make sure to include those in your resume. This is especially effective if you can back it up with relevant experience.

2. Leverage your accomplishments

Many people list their awards or achievements on their resume, but few elaborate on how those accomplishments are relevant to a potential employer. You need to explain how these accomplishments will make you a valuable employee in order to make an impact and impress the hiring manager. This is a great opportunity to tie in some of those descriptive words and skills from the job posting.

3. Ask a friend to read your resume

Ask someone you trust to give you constructive criticism on your resume. One element you can get them to watch out for is if your resume captures their attention. If you packed some good descriptors and action words in there, it will make you stand out to future employers and help you get to the interview stage.

Another element to look out for is clarity. Employers have read countless resumes from people skill sets similar to you, so you need to ensure that you can get your point across in a clear way for the most effective result. Avoid being repetitive or overly wordy. Your career highlights need to be laid out in a concise manner with well placed descriptors.

Give these tips a try, and let us know what you think! If you’re looking for additional ways to get started on your career check out our blog!