1. Company Reviews (Glassdoor)

It’s important to consider the work environment of a company before you decide to apply. Glassdoor is an excellent resource where you can find reviews from current and former employees regarding their work experience, including information on salary.

Glassdoor Reviews.

2. Networking Tools (Ten Thousand Coffees)

The idea of networking can be intimidating, but thanks to sites like Ten Thousand Coffees, you can connect with individuals from your chosen career path and pick their brain about topics relating to that field.


3. Resume Builder (Ineedaresume)

The resume is perhaps the most crucial element when it comes to applying for jobs, but the task of writing one can seem daunting. Ineedaresume is an easy to use website that will help you make your resume in minutes.


We hope you get the chance to check out these tools, and wish you the best of luck in your job hunt! If you’re looking for internships or entry level positions, check out Univjobs.