Freelance Web Developer

You’re multilingual. You speak and write in your native tongue, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and Python. Basically, you’re a genius. And in this tech filled world, your skill is in high demand, my friend. Call the shots, ditch the office setting, and fly solo. That way you can write all the poetic code and develop the next biggest thing!

Graphic Designer

Your favourite colour is a hex code and your portfolio is filled with your logos. Whether you are a classically trained Adobe aficionado or you're trying to break into the art world, this is perfect for the artsy/design minded students.

Film/Video Editor

Just you, the footage, and your laptop. What can get any better than this? There are many parts to bringing a film/video to life. Editors get to be a part of the action behind the scenes right in their home office. As long as you master some editing software and nurture your gift, you’ll be ready to roll.


You’re the life of the party — online. If you have a way with words and consider yourself an expert in a few areas, then let your personality shine online as a blogger/content writer. This position allows you to work from home & potentially make money doing it. Can you say "Dream Job"?

Social Media Manager

Oh, just your average introvert talking with hundreds of people. NBD. Social Media Managers connect with the online communities of brands and organizations. It allows for you to socialize without all the fuss of actually socializing. This job is always in demand with companies looking to pay a lot of money to get a good SMM .

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