“Should I get a job while I'm in school?”

“Will I be able to manage school and a job at the same time?”

Have either of these questions ever run through your head? We know it’s hard to be enrolled in school and employed to a part-time job at the same time. Fitting work hours around your school schedule, switching classes to fit your work schedule, putting in a full closing shift when know you should probably be studying for your assessment the next day? Yeah, it’s rough.

But maybe you’ve begun to notice that there’s a sort of paradigm shift in the working world. Lots of startups are beginning to create opportunities for students and recent grads to “work-on-demand”. These jobs allow you to essentially pick your own hours and decide how much you want to make. Awesome!

We’ve put together a list of the top 3 companies with jobs local to the GTA that you can get to “work-on-demand”.


Pet Sitter & Dog Walker


If you like to play with FLUFFY and adorable dogs and get paid to do so (yes, we’re not kidding) then this might be the job for you. Rover, the pet sitting and dog-walking company, is looking for Canadian animal lovers to join their network.

One other great perk about this job for students is that you actually get to pick how much you want to work. If you wanna make a little extra money this week, you can. When it’s closing in on exam season, feel free to take a break to focus on school. You’re your own boss.

Sounds awesome, right? Check ‘em out here.

Feely Piano School

In-Home Piano Teacher

Feely Piano School

Love playing piano? Enjoy teaching? Want to get paid to teach piano?

Feely Piano Music is looking for musicians, This is another great job for students and music lovers alike. Who knows, you could be teaching the next John Legend or Lady Gaga! Just think about when they win that Grammy… make sure to ask for a shoutout! Oh, we forgot to mention, you’re getting paid (like a star) and you get to choose your own hours and work on your own schedule. In addition, 1-1 mentorship for new teachers and shadowing the CEO.

If you think you’re ready to pass your skills onto someone else, click here to vist their site.

Port App


Port app

Ever heard of Port? With their app, you can make up to $600 per month just by offering up a seat in your car during your ride between cities and events. Quite honestly, it’s the perfect side hustle if you travel a lot. If you’re going somewhere, why not make some cash- and perhaps a new friend?

Just like the other jobs on this list, this job is student friendly and allows you the flexibility to pick when and where you want to work.

There’s also a bonus. For drivers using Port, you have the opportunity to get free event tickets and gas cards.

Ready to get driving? Visit portapp.co.

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