Myth # 1

Doing something without getting paid isn't worth it

Reality: It is a great way to gain experience

The number of entry level jobs requiring multiple years of experience is growing. An easy way to gain this experience is to volunteer. For example, helping a charity with social media or planning an event can be the perfect way to perfect your skills and start you on your path to your dream job.

Myth # 2

I am going to be stuck doing this forever!

Reality: Volunteering can provide pathways to a paying job

It may feel like working for free is not contributing to your career. In actuality volunteering can provide valuable networking opportunities that can lead you to your next job. Show people what you can do, and your hard work will literally pay off!

Myth # 3

I'm too busy to commit

Reality: There are many volunteering gigs that work with your schedule

You may not have time to commit on a weekly basis, but many volunteering positions offer bi-weekly or monthly positions. You can also look into special events that are a one time commitment.

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