Thrive Kids

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1 - 9
Where are they?

1200 Castlefield Ave, Lower Level Toronto M6B 1C7

What's their thing?

ThriveKids helps kids reach their full potential through a uniquely integrated program that helps to shape the mind, body, and character of Spirited kids. Unlike academic tutoring, physical education, or organized classes and sports, ThriveKids is focused on a holistic approach to enrichment. Through our proprietary curriculum, ThriveKids integrates vigorous exercise, life skills training, mindfulness, social behavior, creative arts, and nutrition to give your child the ability to stay focused and do well in all aspects of their daily lives. There is so much we would like to teach our children as we prepare them for the world. Unshakable confidence, fearless self-expression and the path to finding focus and inner calm are essential, but these skills are not taught in any school. Until now there has been no way to nurture these crucial abilities in our children in one integrated program, that gives kids sustainable life skills. Through the ThriveKids programs, kids are Fit, Focused, and Fearless!