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Last updated March 1st, 2019

About Univjobs

Univjobs is a marketplace that connects students and recent grads with employers through co-ops, internships and part-time and entry level jobs. The platform is tailored toward the talent pool of students and recent grads. They no longer need to worry about jobs that have unrealistic requirements such as 3 years of experience. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to match candidates with jobs that are suited for them based on their education, career goals and location.

Traditional options for employers such as job fairs, regular job boards, and career services are inefficient methods to recruit students. They cost a lot of time, money and according to employers, are not the most effective ways to find the right talent. On other job searching platforms like Indeed, it's easy for students to get lost among senior level and overqualified candidates. At Univjobs, employers can headhunt early career candidates quickly, promoting diverse and inclusive hiring practices. They can target, invite, search, and narrow down candidates based on school, skills, and year. This allows them to find qualified job seekers within days instead of months while magnifying their brand presence among the next generation of talent.

Univjobs has over 7,000 students and recent grads looking for jobs. Over 200 employers have signed up and posted jobs including AirMiles, Instacart, and Stackadapt. It is our mission to help students reach their full potential and bridge them to meaningful work related to their field of study.

Univjobs was co-founded by Charles Javelona and Khalil Stemmler, after they noticed that many of their friends experienced difficulty looking for work during school and after graduating. Upon realizing the problem, they started Univjobs while at school. The platform launched early of September 2017, building the platform in between classes.



Active students and recent grads find employment through the platform


Forward thinking employers use the platform


Are female members


Are from an under represented minority group


Charles Javelona

Originally from the Philippines, Charles previously worked at Scotiabank Innovation Factory. An aspiring entrepreneur, Charles has an impressive track record for innovation and making the impossible happen.

From starting a Toastmasters Club in Oakville and having recognized a need for improved communication capabilities among students to braving the world of entrepreneurship, Charles simply views obstacles as challenges to be overcome.

Khalil Stemmler

Prior to becoming a founding member of the Univjobs team, Khalil worked in software development at IBM and Pinnaca while attending school at both Brock University and Sheridan College.

As a Software Architect, Khalil works diligently to ensure that the platform is scalable, secure, and mobile friendly for employers and students.

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